Allen Welding Services

Our Services Include.... Hot Taping, Coded Welding to P1, P2 & P9Mechanical Services, Labour Hire, Design and Build
of jobs, Consultancy Work, CDM Registration Preparation, Design, Non Destructive Testing, Welding inspection services,
Shot Blasting / Painting / Coating works . All our engineers are fully qualified being familiar and compliant with the latest
procedures. We will design and project manage your installation to your specification. Our highly skilled Pipe Welding
team ensure an expedient and effective service for customer satisfaction.
Allen Welding Ltd
Specialists in Pipeline Welding

Tel   : 01752 330664   or   Mob: 07768 781736
Company Registration No 3821458
Allen Welding Ltd

Supplier Number : 700340

Allen Welding are now fully registered as a supplier on the Utilities Vendor Database
for the following Catagories :

3.70.01     Pumping Station - Clean Water

3.70.15     Building / Office Maintenance & Refurbishment Services

3.70.22     Fencing Services

3.70.39     Pipeline Construction

3.72.13     Pipe work Fabrication & Installation

3.72.15     Transmission Pipeline Services

3.72.21     Pipe Coating / Lining Services

3.72.23     Gas Service Pipe Laying ( Incl.Excavation & Reinstatement )

3.72.24     Gas Main Pipe Laying ( Incl.Excavation & Reinstatement )

3.72.25     Gas Service Pipe Maintenance & Repair

3.99.31     Welding Services

Allen Welding Ltd  are constantly upgrading our services for the future

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