Specialists in all types of connections

Services relating to connections

We have a wealth of experience for the following procedures:

Under Pressure Connections, and appropriate live riders and by passes can be undertaken to offer uninterrupted service to end users.

We are GIRS registered for Specialist Hot Welding Connections.

We own specialist equipment to offer drilling and tapping of parent main sizes from ½” to 24” on MDPE and HDPE (up to 250mm) and metallic mains (up to 14”) with varying sized branches.

Welded hot tappings on live steel mains can be installed and under pressure drilled by ourselves. Hot tapping, or pressure tapping, is the method of making a branched connection with an isolating valve to an existing live gas pipeline or pressure vessel without interrupting or emptying of that section of pipe or vessel. This means that a pipe or tank can continue to be in operation whilst maintenance or modifications are being done to it. Thus, avoiding any shutdowns or purging of the gas or draining the system.

The branch is attached by welding on a mechanical clamp, once a full-bore isolation valve has been inserted the valve is pressure tested, once drilling operations have been completed the valve is then closed.  A Blanking flange or plug is fitted.

Hot Tapping

Hot tapping is carried out on:

  • New Valve connections
  • Installation of insertion flow meters
  • Flow Stopping operations can be carried out on Steel, Cast Iron, Ductile and PE mains from low to medium pressure pipes
  • Squeeze off MDPE from 32mm to 400mm
  • Bag stopping of metallic mains from 1” to 12” including all metallic pipe cutting
  • Stopple Operations
  • Iris Stops

Decommissioning services are offered for the demolition sector in the form of service cut offs/ diversions and purging to make safe redundant pipework.