Pipeline Services

Specialists in Pipeline Welding

We offer a range of pipeline services

We have over 35 years’ experience working for the gas, oil and steam industry and specialise in all aspects of pipeline installations covering all pipe sizes and pressure ranges on steel, MDPE and HDPE

Our Services include:

  • CDM Management
  • Pipeline Construction
  • Steel Pipeline Welding
  • Connections onto Existing Gas Mains
  • Installation of new on-site gas mains and services up to meter position
  • Gas Meter inlet pipework for all gas utility sectors
  • Gas Outlet works fabricating and installation from the meter to the building
  • Installation of gas risers both in steel or PE pipe to MOB buildings
  • Fabrication of gas manifold systems from Clients requirements
  • Gas Pipework Decommissioning
  • Gas Testing and Purging
  • Installation of Gas Valves
  • New Meter Connections
  • Civil Engineering
  • External Steel, PE and Mapress Riser Systems
  • Under Pressure Tees & Drilling
  • PE Butt Fusion to 800mm
  • Specialist Branch Saddle Connections
  • Flow Stopping
  • Pressure Testing
  • Provide experienced and qualified Authorising Engineers to prepare NRO’s and RO’s and to liaise with Local Authorities and Network Controllers
  • Routine Maintenance Work
  • Emergency 24 hour call out

Please Contact us for any further information or details