Why Choose Us

A bit about what we do and why to choose us

About The Company

Allen Welding Limited is an established family business committed to providing a professional complete service overseen by our professional team of Coded Pipe Welders, Pipe Fitters, Project Managers, Authorising Engineers,  Site Agents, Health and Safety Advisors, Gas engineers, Service and Main Layers, who cater for all aspects of Steel fabrications, welding pipeline services, minor civil works, street works.

We Pride ourselves on the level of quality and service we can provide, competitive pricing and impressive turnaround and delivery times.

We Have a wealth of experience working in the gas, oil, water, utilities sector on steam condensed pipelines all over the UK and have worked on contracts with pipelines from ¾” to 42”

We have been trading over 40 years and are experienced in industrial installation taking customers’ requirements from brief to completion. We also supply a range of pipe specifications for a variety of specialist applications. You can come to us for a complete design and installation package.

We offer a maintenance package with a 24 hour emergency call out service if required

The company has worked closely on contracts all over the UK with Wales and West Utilities, Morrison Utility Services, AMEC, Green Energy, Babcock, Oil & Pipeline Authority (OPA), National Grid, NHS, Network Rail. 

Customer expectations with regards to service quality, workmanship standards and care for the environment are high.  And, although the work undertaken is of a highly skilled and specialised nature  the directors recognise continuing success relies heavily on maintaining a good reputation with customers and other stakeholders who have an interest in, or can influence, Allen Welding’s ongoing quality and environmental performance.


Stakeholder Requirements

The directors review stakeholder requirements during management review meetings or sooner if circumstances demand to ensure the company continues to align itself with their expectations and remain a successful and thriving business.

Management System Changes

Changes that affect management system processes are managed to ensure the integrity of the management system including stakeholder requirements are not adversely affected during the change or by the change. This includes considering the purpose of the changes and their potential consequences; the availability of resources and the allocation or reallocation of responsibilities and authorities.

Significant Environmental Aspects

By its very existence, AWL’s activities and services (referred to as environmental aspects) interact with the environment and cause environmental impacts. These environmental aspects have been documented and evaluated to identify those with the most significant environmental impact.  This information is communicated as applicable to employees and other parties working on or visiting AWL’s premises/sites  and to other interested parties upon request as deemed appropriate by the directors

Objectives and Targets

Objectives and targets intended to improve quality and environmental performance are set by the directors and have been documented. Environmental objectives have taken into account the most significant environmental aspects. Where practical, each objective is measurable and communicated to applicable stakeholders to ensure understanding and commitment.  Objective achievements are evaluated at planned intervals and results are communicated to stakeholders as necessary.  Where appropriate, objectives are revised to further satisfy stakeholder expectations.


Allen Welding Limited are constantly reviewing our  processes,  quality objectives & Health & Safety Objectives and we currently hold accreditations and are members of the following schemes:

  • GIRS (Gas Industry Registry Scheme)
  • IGEM (Institute of Gas Engineers)
  • City & Guilds
  • EUSR (Energy and Utility Registration Scheme)
  • CPCS (Construction Plant Competence Scheme)
  • NRSWA (New Roads and Street Works Act)
  • Achilles UVDB
  • ISO 9001 / 14001
  • Constructionline
  • SMAS
  • SCO Register