A bit about the key sectors we serve

Gas Industry

We Provide pipeline services for the gas sector for all Gas Distribution Network Companies

Oil Industry

We Provide Pipeline and steel fabrication for various Oil Companies throughout the UK


We Provide Pipeline and fabrication services for various companies throughout the water industry


We can Provide Design, installation of steel fabrication within all sectors

Multiple Occupancy Buildings

We install gas in multi-occupancy buildings, such as:

  • planning, risk assessment and minimising risk
  • network pipelines, types of building entry, risers, laterals and isolation valves
  • ventilation of network pipelines and installation pipework
  • access for inspection and maintenance to network pipelines, meter and installation pipework
  • modifications, repairs, testing and re-commissioning of existing network pipelines
  • installation pipework
  • materials


We Provide pipe fabrication services to the NHS on various different size Steam and Condense pipes within Hospitals.